Moja Marketplace
Moja Marketplace

Just like the traditional markets in city spaces and villages, Moja Market is the bustling heart of the app. Entrepreneurs and MSMEs can use the storefront to showcase their products 24/7 and expand their trade networks. Thanks to the latest AI search functionality, users can browse thousands of businesses and products with a few taps on their smartphone screen, learning more about them with the About tab and product information section.

Designed with customers in mind, users’ storefronts offer a beautiful landing page for every product item, regardless of the product/service, quantity, size, or local currency. Sellers can add up to five photos for each product, allowing buyers to inspect their products from multiple angles.

Even Moja’s storefront Smart Cart was designed to offer multiple functionalities in keeping with the South African market experience:
Buyers and sellers can communicate directly via the shopping cart to review product orders and arrange shipping.
Shopping cart communication minimises errors, miscommunication, and unwanted transactions while increasing trust through accountability and transparency.
Total transaction amounts for each merchant are indicated in local currency before checkout.
In keeping with African tradition, buyers and sellers can negotiate prices and variations where appropriate.
Buyers can edit quantities and items in their Cart with ease.
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